Turkey Blues by MwsR (haha)

When everyone is late

And all you can do is think about getting a plate

The temperature inside the place

Makes red of your face

Children running here and there

People ignore the kids behavior everywhere

The adults don’t ask to help out

And your gravy gets too stout

The oven cannot keep up with the dishes

You hear comments about Christmas wishes

And all you want to do is eat

But you realize you’re the only one on her feet

The first things cooked start to cool

Everyone knows that’s breaking a serving rule

By the time people start to smell the aroma

The kids try to find their momma

In comes a cascade of kids without their folks

One tries to sneak a taste and starts acting like they’ve choked

Where is all the help and support

I would say that some have gathered outside under the carport

And again as the food finally finishes

You are having to put out all the dishes

Realizing all too late

That you are short a couple plates

Yelling into the other room

You ask someone to find your broom

No one notices your plea

Only what they’re watching on TV

So you go, no one caught the clue

Of course, why not you

After all, this is Thanksgiving blues.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022