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Challenge Post/FOWC



The stuff that moves in and out, like a busy street of commotion

I stop and think sometimes why am I constantly in motion?

My mind is like traffic that never seems to stop,

I know sometimes the havoc of it all makes my brain want to pop.

Traffic that has no sense of origin, not even an end

photo of head bust print artwork

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

I feel trapped by all in my head that enters in.

Sometimes for just a brief moment, my pain eases

I think honestly I’d have better luck capturing sneezes.

Traffic of a different nature, yes!

But still traffic non the less.

A fluid movement from an active brain

I know you probably think me to be insane.

If just once traffic could be averted for a while

I would rest for maybe a mile,

With a big fat smile!



Thank you for reading 🙂