Challenge accepted/ I Challenge You

This Challenge I found while scrolling WordPress this morning. It says to use a limerick or poem or story on a particular topic. This weeks topic is…   THE PUB

So I am going to give it a try!

Link for the person having this challenge is below.


The Pub    by MwsR


There is always room to squeeze in one more

Look at those faces of them coming in the door!

Familiar, yet all seem the same

I guess too much booze is to blame.

Food is usually top-notch stuff

They need to stay and spend enough.

The aromas here are stifling

Although the atmosphere is somewhat inviting.

If you sit and listen you can un-formally get to know almost anyone.

There are no secrets here, be forewarned.

Everything is out on display.

Guess that’s the “drinking” way.

Not all may like you

If just a quaint few. It is just the way of the hub,

This is the life of the pub.

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