Three Things Challenge/July 16th

Welcome to the Three Things Challenge!

Everyday I post three seemingly unrelated things and the challenge is to find a creative way to use those things.

This can be anything you want it to be…the point is to have fun, share, and be inspired.

To participate, simply link to this page (creating a pingback) or posting a link to your contribution in the comment section.

Remember, anything goes…just have fun!

Today’s things are: tower, tidal wave, shark


I will not let your opinions, your thoughts tower over me.

I refuse to dine at the table of your sarcasms and disapproval.

When I find myself, completely

It will be me who will tower over you!

MwsR ❤

Tidal Wave

Once my friend and I were floating in the ocean at a popular beach. She suggested that we just float as long as we could and also wanted us to take a nap, and when we awoke we would see how far from shore we would be.

Well, we did just that very thing. Time got away from us. When we both looked around in surprise we were carried over the forceful tidal wave into the lull in the ocean. The people on the beach looked like ants. We had floated so far away from shore. We had to hand paddle against the tidal waves that oppressed our floats, till finally making back to the shore.

Wow, what a time that was, took a long time. Safely, we made it back after much effort and certainly needing to rest and take yet another nap, lol.

SIDE NOTE… I used tidal waves instead of tidal wave, hope that is okay.    MwsR ❤


In your lifetime you will encounter different personalities. The one that comes to mind for this prompt is the one that is the “shark“. This personality is a person who will “bite” you for no good reason. Just because they want to, usually. Be careful who you allow into your life. There will be bottom feeders, fish, and the ones who are a shark.

Personally I prefer the fish. The fish is someone who you have no worries from, whom you have something in common with, possibly just like you.  The bottom feeders follow you just to get what you have or leave unattended. They can be tricky and sneaky. Be one the look out when you have those.

Moral of this short blog Not every thing/everyone that swims in your sea is a friend, watch your back.  MwsR ❤

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