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Once there was a swallow, with wings of blue, hues of red and hints of green

I saw it once in real and in one of my dreams.

It was the most graceful bird I had ever seen.

Fluffing it’s wings as it stroked them to make presteen.

Stopping long enough to look at me

While I was enamored with the sight of what I did see.

It started pulling berries from a bush, I suppose to eat

When it spotted a cat ready to pounce at him, with its feet.

The cat jumped and the bird lost its hold

Oh my! How could that cat be so bold?

No more bird, and it’s joy to me it did bring

All that was left behind was a little wing

Laying in the grass below.

How could that cat be so low?

No more swallow with wings of blue, hues of red, with  hints of green.

Nothing left of that graceful bird, the one I had seen.



Thank you for reading 🙂