Coffee Drinker? Drinks That Won’t Cause Blood Glucose Spikes

5 coffee beverages that won’t spike blood glucose levels

pretty tasty drinks that don’t mess with blood sugars all that much – here are 5 drinks

  1. Regular coffee/tea. Old school, easy to figure out carbs/bolus.
  2. Starbucks shaken green or passion iced teas, unsweetened. No carbs (the website includes carb count for only the sweetened iced teas) and super tasty. The trenti goes a long way and at a somewhat decent price.
  3. Starbucks Cappuccino – skim or 2%, 12 grams of carbs for a grande.
  4. Regular chai tea – Not the “special” chai tea that’s 30 plus grams of carbs and loaded with gross syrup
  5. Flat White – Espresso shots with frothed milk, 18 grams of carbs in a grande. Pricey, but worth the cost as a special treat.


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