Never Free,

by MwsR<3
When you crossed my mind,

It is because you were in my heart.

I will never get to see or hear you, I am torn apart.

You and I were never given a chance

Like others are.

I can still imagine you, when I wish upon a star.

Sometimes I imagine we are so close,

Yet I’m so far from reaching my heart’s desire,

I hate being burned by this hopeless fire.

Why does it have to haunt me,

Haven’t I wished enough in one lifetime,

Haven’t I cared enough to make you mine.

My heart has been heavy like a stone because of my

Wanting to be in your life,

Instead, I was cut from you by life’s wicked knife.

For a second, I thought it would finally happen

I could actually see through this life’s forest, finally

I thought it would for sure come to be.

But it didn’t.

You will never be sharing life with me,

And I feel because of the “what if’s” I will never be free.

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