March 6 2019


Things They Would Say

Send her out alone

To do this on her own

Must had been the message they discussed

Not like they felt for her that much

If she survives, well, let it be

If she can’t, she can’t blame me.

Was possibly their motive all along.

Supplying food and water

Was more than adequate for her

She has friends that will give her something

At least that is how they justified, their nothing.

Take her to church, let others see

That the good book is being taught

No one will suspect , in our home it is not.

Make her pay rent for lingering at the house to long

After all she needs to grow up, she don’t belong.

Trouble maker is what she is,

Spending too much of our energy, on this.

Look at her lies, her betray and denials

She is not normal and needs a judge and a trial.

Yeah , we adopted her, but so what

We also took a tree from a Christmas lot.

Nothing special, no, not anymore

We’d rather her be behind someone else’s door.

Gave all we had to give

Now we just want to forget she ever exists.

A pity she turned out the way she did

It wasn’t our fault, it was not our bid.

Hope she still has a good life and all

Not with us in it though, you all.


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