Things were simpler then

Nothing was taken for granted

Everything was new and fresh and exciting,

Yet scary as well.

You needed me then.

I was there

I carried not only my own scares but yours too.

Watching from behind the scenes

Never trying to be a judge in the area of your heart

But always stretching forth my time, my heart, my hand

Not giving out demands

Just being the strong one,

The one who could if at moments notice, carry you too

Now I see it all from back then as a different thing entirely

You did not truly believe in your own heart,

You were scared of your hurt feelings,

Ready to deny the truth and hold back on the tears

In spite of it all, still clinging to what ifs

You let me think you needed me so,

Needed my help and knew I would not say, “No”

I wish we had that bond of whatever it was, again

I wish you felt more of me being a friend,

Hoping though, changes really nothing

It is in the head, that you need adjusting.

Hopes do not turn the tomorrows wheel

Instead it clings to most of our life

Wanting today to be the day.

Oh, to wish it away would be foolish

Still, I will hope and with honesty look at it all

As it really was, and then how I wanted it to be.

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