Sunshine Blogger Award Accepted

Thank you Vicklea Check out her page for inspiration and a closer fellowship with God.

My questions for my nominees:

1. If you are a Christian, tell your testimony of meeting the Lord as you Savior.

I was a church goer since childhood, from as far as I can remember. it was at church camp one year, that I asked Jesus into my heart. He has walked with me evr since. Sometimes I run off and leave him but he is always there, when I turn around and look for him. Thank God.

2. What is the most important thing that you possess? My soul.

3. Who is the most influential person in your life? My husband and God.

4. What is your favorite bird or flower? Daisy and a Blue bird.

5. What motivates you to get up every morning? My need to survive and do something.

6. What is your favorite kind of music to listen to? Any that speaks to my soul and mind.

7. How did you meet your best friend? I do not have one best friend. I have many I cherish and love.

8. Are you a more logical person or more artistic? Equally both.

9. What do you do to relax? Music and outside just enjoying nature.

10. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why? I would of walked away from my toxic childhood and found help from someone who cared.

11. If you could take a walk anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?I would love to walk along the most beautiful places in the world, no one particular comes to mind.

Note to my nominees: Don’t feel pressured to participate, but if you choose to do so, have fun with it!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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