Hanger Snowflake-DIY

This Christmas craft tutorial with pictures gives you instructions on how to make a snowflake wall art using plastic coat or clothes hangers. The hangers that we used were all store bought and can be customized to fit your style, design or color. Hope you have fun creating this super simple idea!

Coat Hanger Snowflake

What you need

For this project, you will need a total of 16 coat hangers (I have found that the kid sized (aka baby hangers) work best.)
Zip ties


Step 1: Start with 2 hangers and place them as pictured. This is what I will call the “basic pair”. Make sure that the hooks of ALL of the clothes hangers face the same way!

Step 2: Continue with the same pairing of clothing hangers to complete the first layer.

Step 4: 8 hangers, 4 pairs of hangers. This completes the 1st layer. Use the same base pair to begin layer 2, which is placed directly on top on the 1st layer. DO NOT zip tie your snowflake until BOTH layers are assembled.

Step 5: Align 2 hangers again to form your “base pair”. Place them on top of 2 hangers from the 1st layer, with the hooks of the hangers lining up with the bottom of the hangers in the 1st layer.

Step 6: Continue adding pairs of hangers as directed, until you have 8 hangers in layer #2 on top of your 8 hangers in layer #1. (See steps 6 and 7 for visual)

Step 7: The overall base of your snowflake is now complete, and ready for zip ties. Starting with the center, place a zip tie at each place 4 hangers meet. (See dots in picture) You should use 8 zipties for the center circle, and 8 for the outer circle. Each ziptie should hold 4 hangers

Step 8: Be sure NOT to tighten the ziptie all the way, until ALL 16 zipties have been placed. This will allow you to adjust and reposition your snowflake if needed

Step 9: Continue with inner circle 

Step 10: Now that all 8 zip ties are loosely placed in the center, begin the outer circle

Step 10b: Find the spot where 2 hooks meet 2 bottoms and loosely place a zip tie.

Step 11: Continue around outer circle until all 8 zip ties are placed, each holding 4 hangers together

Step 12: Begin slowly tightening the zipties in the center. Adjusting your snowflake as needed, try to keep the hangers in the same layer from overlapping. You want to keep your hangers as flat as possible so that your end product will lay nicely

Step 13: Once you have finished tightening the inner zipties, begin tightening the outer ones. (Notice here what was meant about the hangers in the same layer not overlapping. They are side by side rather than over lapping each other) 

Step 14: Once all 16 have been tightened, trim your zip ties

This amazing detailed tutorial was contributed by Amy L. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Hanger craft and tutorial with us.

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