In lieu of Valentine’s Day

Loving Myself By MwsR

I don’t always do this
Although I should
I often wonder how someone else could.

Obviously, though, we need to love ourselves
We are the most important thing you see
For in loving ourselves, even with the love we give to others, we can truly still be happy.

If we cannot love ourselves how can we emulate it to another?
Love is something that should come without stipulations
Love should be without manipulations.

When we think of love it should enlighten us
Carry us and keep unity amongst us.
Love is a special gift, it’s worth a fuss.

If loving another, you will entrust them
You will be fair to them,
Love is a bonding stem.

This is also the love you should have for yourself,
One that makes you that better, unselfish self.
The thing you use the most that would give you unmeasurable wealth.

Easy to write what real love is,
What loving yourself should be
Easier to write than to give to me.

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