Things To Do While You Are Stuck At Home

Get Practical

1. Spring clean

Home alone with a lot of energy? Deep cleaning will make you feel like you’ve achieved something and leave you more at ease in your own home.

I’m not talking about a standard clean like you’d do every week. Sure, you’ll probably need to do that too, but when you’ve got a few spare hours, try tackling the stuff that never gets done.

Clean the fridge. Dust the skirting boards. Soap down the walls and get rid of those grubby marks and fingerprints.

Sort out the things you’ve become blind to but that are subconsciously getting on your nerves.

You’ll be sure to feel far more comfortable in your home environment.

2. Clean the windows

Whether or not you see this one as a metaphor for life, it’s an incredibly satisfying job. One that you’ll reap the benefits of for weeks.

Pay someone to do the outside as, let’s be honest, no one has the time, patience, or necessary tools for that, but the inside of your windows is down to you… and it’s probably been a very long time since you cleaned them.

You’ll need plenty of elbow grease and time to do a good job.

3. Have a clear out

Overflowing cupboard? More shoes than you can shake a stick at? Bookshelf stuffed to bursting point?

Our modern society is far too concerned with stuff, and the rate at which we accumulate it can quickly leave us feeling like we’re drowning in it.

Pick one thing to sort through, like your kitchen cupboard or your underwear drawer. Get rid of anything you don’t need or is past its best, and then organize what’s left.

4. Fix something

You know the thing that broke last year and you still haven’t fixed? Now’s the time!

If it’s something serious, you might want to consider leaving it to a professional, and using your free time to look up and contact one. But if it’s something you can do by yourself – perhaps with YouTube’s help – give it a go.

5. Do the laundry

You might think you’re bored, but I wouldn’t mind betting there’s a pile of unwashed clothes that could really do with your attention.

You’ll be thankful you dealt with them when you suddenly find yourself so busy there’s no time for hanging clothes out to dry.

Treat Yourself

1. Have a bath

Is there a bath in your house? Run those taps and dig out the bubble bath from the back of the cupboard. Go all out. Stick on some music, or your favorite podcast. Light candles and incense.

Grab a book, if you can trust yourself not to drop it. Hey, you could even treat yourself to some chocolate or wine… or both. Use this time to utterly pamper yourself and relax those tense muscles.

2. Body maintenance

Let’s face it, we all have times when we let our personal grooming slide a little, whatever our gender.

Life gets busy, and we have a million and one things to do. So, that one time you find yourself kicking your heels, have a maintenance session.

Shave, wax, pluck, exfoliate, moisturize… do whatever it is you want/need to do. It will empower you and boost your confidence.

3. Face mask

This isn’t just one for the women amongst you. Guys, if you’ve never tried a face mask before, now’s the time to start.

As well as working wonders for your skin, there’s something incredibly relaxing about the sensation of a face mask.

If you’ve not got a shop-bought one to hand, don’t panic! There’s still no need to leave the house. You can make all kinds of face masks from things you already have in your fridge and kitchen cupboards.

My personal favorite is mashed up avocado with a dash of lemon juice and olive oil.

4. Call a friend

Is there someone that doesn’t live nearby and you hardly ever see, but always puts a smile on your face? Call them, or FaceTime them. Spend a few hours catching up and putting the world to rights.

5. Take a nap

We’re pretty much all sleep-deprived these days, with our hectic work and social lives. And it’s bad news for our mood.

So if you have a few hours to spare, why not make up for all those days you’ve burnt the candle at both ends?

Work On Yourself

1. Meditation

Time to yourself? Well, that means you’ve got no excuse not to try meditation at long last.

Meditation means actually taking the time to listen to your mind and body, quietening all the thoughts that rush around your head every second of every day.

It can be incredibly beneficial for anyone, but especially for those who are going through a tough time in life or feel like happiness is eluding them.

Try a guided meditation video, or one of the many apps that are out there.

2. Start a course

Is your brain in need of a workout? There are all kinds of free courses available online which will expand your horizons and open your mind to a whole new world of knowledge.

Use your free time to find a course that interests you and get started with it whilst you’re excited about it!

3. Learn a language

Okay, so this isn’t something you can do in just a few hours, but you can find a method that suits you and get started.

Commit to spending a certain amount of time learning a new language from scratch, or refreshing your memory of one you’re already familiar with.

4. Read a book

We all spend far too much time looking at screens these days, and not enough time looking at pages. Not that you can’t read a book on a screen, of course.

If it’s been a while since you’ve read a book, or you don’t normally read at all, try spending a few hours submerged in a story.

Sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea in hand and get lost in another world. Whether it’s an old favorite or a brand-new adventure, nothing comes close to the feeling of being absorbed in a good book.

5. Read the news

With the state of the world these days, it’s very easy to bury your head in the sand and just refuse to engage, but it really is important to keep up to date with what’s going on.

See what’s been happening in the last week, or take a deep dive and educate yourself about a situation you’ve never quite understood.

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