MwsR Writings

Do you often feel that your best is not good enough? I have and I am sure you have at one point in your life, it is practically inevitable. There is nothing wrong with you, for feeling this way. Often we are so bogged down with doing things that we think will be noticed for its quantity not necessarily it’s content. This is where we can mess up. Say for instance, oyu have mopped your house five times already this week and you are sure someone will notice. After all it has taken from your already busy day while mopping, and it leaves this wonderful fresh clean scent everywhere. Who wouldn’t notice and give you a compliment on being so proficient? Right?

Whether or not someone else notices that you have sincerely mopped and done it more than once, is not where you should place your value. Instead, try telling yourself that you did a super job and that you can do something on your very own, without praise. Instead of looking at things in a “best isn’t good enough” attitude, try saying this, “I feel good about what all I have accomplished on this day, in this week, or any other time I had.” Understand that you are totally good enough to get praised for something you have worked at, even if it is your own voice. Be it mopping or just doing anything, you should understand your own worth.

Soon, you will find you are doing things more because of instant gratification, rather than other’s gratitude.


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