Seemingly by MwsR

Feelings are all over the place

Can’t seem to keep a smile on my face

Looking for remedies

But none seem to help me

I’ve tried being positive

But it is hard when you’re always the one to give

Fake smiles are my new mask

A seemingly happy display, a hard task

Wishing in my mind that things would drastically change

Feeling very uncomfortable, somewhat strange

Guess I took all the times I had for granted

Suddenly it’s like nothing was even planted

Things and people disappear,

At least from my sight, especially those I held dear.

Why must things be such a struggle?

I wish I could save things and leep them in a bubble.

Protect them, enjoy them, just one more time

Before I loose my mind.

Everything dear to me

Flees from me

I am beginning to see a pattern

Never on my time table

Never anything stable

It gets hard, it seems wrong

Why does this sort of thing happen so long?

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