Hey Guys and Gals

This post is of great importance. Please leave me a comment if you are seeing or receiving notifications from my webpage. I am not seeing notifications on my end. They stopped a couple of days ago for me.

I was asked by someone if I still had my webpage because they were not receiving notifications. I was not sure why they were not. So I am posting this in need of knowing if you are receiving notifications. Please leave me a comment if you will or message me at Mwsrwritings@gmail.com. I really hope to clear up this issue.

I have written the WordPress staff and hopefully this will be resolved soon.

In the meantime you can browse through my archives , I have a lot of stuff ranging in different categories, already on my site for you! Please don’t stop supporting me and continue to read, share, and send comments.

And I shall…

Image result for rainbow

I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~!

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