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Hi all!

I have somethings with which I’d like to discuss.

First, I have been busy doing life with my three grandbabies aand my two elderly pets. One was diagnosed with mouth cancer and the other has been wearing diapers to hide his tumor. The tumor is on his butt area. He does not mind the diapers and I am really fortunate for that. It takes a lot keeping those people and animals you love happy, healthy, and so forth.

Second, I have been notified that my recipes, well some of them was copyright infringement. I did not have a clue that sharing recipes was a bad idea. I also would never purposely break any laws if I knew of them. It pays to do some research, I am finding out. So, with great sadness, I have chose not to share recipes anymore. Although I never claimed the recipes as my own, I feel that this is the best course for my webpage.

I started this webpage to share my poems, thoughts, stories, and so forth. So I will try to stick with that as much as possible. I also thought that by sharing someone’s stuff, it would help them. I guess I was hurting them rather than helping them. If I did, I apologize to the many wwhom I may have indirectly harmed. I am a sharer. In person I have always tried to be helpful, informed, and thoughtful. I thought I could do this in a webpage, that costs me a lot to run, honestly. I do not get anything for running my webpage, and nothing helps me pay the hundreds of dollars it takes. I honestly wanted to do good in this world.

So with that all being said, I hope you are not disappointed in the many posts I have taken down and removed. I am sorry. Although my intentions were and have always been good, obviously I have a lot to learn.

Please forgive the switch up on my webpage and try to still find something useful and helpful.

As a side note…

If you are finding yourself in a copyright issue, please seek some help and try and fix it. I still have a lot to learn.

Thank you all.

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~!

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