November is Diabetes Awareness Month

I am a Diabetic. Many years ago I discovered I had gestational Diabetes with the news that I was pregnant. I had no real idea what that meant. I later went on to have two more children. Gestational Diabetes, normally goes away after you give birth but I had it through three pregnancies’ and went on to become a Diabetic Type 2. It has changed a lot about my life and has created an awareness of sorts for me about what I eat and how it affects my health.

If I could have a wish, it would to not be a Diabetic. Since wishes are far fetched to come true, I have to learn to deal with things the way they are. I have to stay informed, I have to accept that I cannot donate my pancreas, ever, and that giving blood is out because of medication that I take to prevent complications with being diabetic. It saddens me to think that there are others out there in our world that have lost limbs, became terribly ill, or worse because of Diabetes.

It seems to be so unfair a Disease. It affects every single thing in our bodies. Every single organ, every single vessel, every tissue, every cell. I hate it. I really do. I have tried as best I can to live with it, but it might one day get the best of me. I often day dream as to what my life would be without Diabetes. I think it would be a lot freer and a lot better, but then again, what I have learnt from having to learn, I find value there.

If you or a loved one thinks you have signs of Diabetes, please get informed, go see a professional, and get help. I would not be here today, had I never sought help. You only have this one life to live, why not make it the best it can be?

Please click any of the links below, they deal with Diabetes, and ways to help others, by purchasing from the American Diabetes Site, they have really nice things and you would be supporting a great cause. A cure for Diabetes needs to be found, not only for me but for others around the world. Thank you!


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