Covid19 Vaccine Side Effects

These Vaccine Side Effects Are “Not Wonderful,” Says Doctor (

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2 thoughts on “Covid19 Vaccine Side Effects”

  1. The fact is that the COVID19 vaccines were rushed into testing and production is due to an economic factor. If given the opportunity, I trust most health regulators would have prefered comprehensive and prolonged testing to ensure no side effects.

    Most countries cannot afford to keep their economy under lockdown for too long, otherwise, businesses will go into closure and governments may even fall. Unfortunately, there is no other choice as well as without lockdowns in place, the number of new infections will only put tremendous stress on the public health frontliners. We have seen this surge over and overtime again.

    However, with these rushed vaccines put into deployment on a grander scale and side effects only started to emerge, it may be prudent to hold back vaccination as far back as possible until more of the side effects have made known and drug companies have improved the vaccines to address these side effect.

    In the meantime, we need to play our role to minimise cross-infection by wearing a mask whenever we are outside, always wash our hands and maintain social distancing whenever possible. No ifs and buts about it.

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  2. Being that the vaccine is regulated by the Gates Foundation, knowing the reputation of that foundation, your safer with the virus.

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