I’m so tired of trying
So much like a gun that’s through firing.
I have the capabilities to do more,
It just isn’t worth all the allure.
Maybe it was a trial run, or a possible misfire
Maybe my emotions are a liar.
Need me, only in case of emergency
It can’t be that me anymore, you see!
I’ve done all I desire to do
Remember it wasn’t me but you.
There is a power shift now
I’m taking over, someway, somehow.
Better if you look for another opportunity
Because I’m putting you away for my sanity.
I won’t get played any more
See we have already been here, in this predicament before.
It’s nothing that it is the way it is
Just one to just dismiss.
There I said it, now you know
Don’t come to me unless you can show
What it means to say you care.
It’s more than words, you should be made aware.

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