Christmas Words And Definitions

WordPart of SpeechDefinition
Adventproper nouna period that consists of the four weeks leading up to Christmas, commemorating the coming of Christ
Advent calendarnouna calendar that includes small colored flaps that are opened each day of Advent, typically revealing a treat, trinket, or picture
angelnouna spiritual being acting as an attendant or messenger of God; a person of immense virtue, beauty, or good
bakingverb (or gerund)to cook food via dry heat without direct exposure to flame (particularly with sugar cookies and gingerbread this time of year); the process of cooking in this way
beliefnountrust, faith, or confidence in something or someone; acceptance that something is true or existent
bellsnounhollow instruments that are usually shaped like an inverted cup and make a clear musical note when struck
Bethlehemproper nounthe biblical birthplace of Jesus located in the central West Bank of Palestine
birthnounthe act or instance of being born
blessingnouna special favor, benefit, or mercy; a favor or gift bestowed by God
Blitzenproper nounone of Santa’s reindeer; from the Dutch word for lightning
bootnouna type of footwear that covers the entire foot, ankles, and sometimes the part of the leg just below the knee
bownouna knot featuring two loops and two loose ends, particularly used when tying decorative ribbons
boxnouna usually rectangular container with a lid or removable cover
Boxing Dayproper noun(in Britain) the first weekday after Christmas Day
bûche de Noëlnouna traditional Christmas cake that consists of sponge cake and frosting rolled and decorated to look like a log
candlenouna piece of tallow or wax with an embedded wick that is burned for light
candlelightnounthe light of a candle
candy canenouna hard candy shaped with a hook or curve in one end, usually peppermint flavored with red and white stripes
cardnouna piece of thin paper or cardboard with a message of sentiment or holiday greeting
carolnouna joyful song; a Christmas song or hymn
carolingverb or gerundto sing Christmas songs, especially as a group traveling house to house.
ceremoniousadjectiveformally or elaborately polite
charitynoungenerous actions or donations to aid people in need
cheernouncheerfulness, optimism; a shout of joy or encouragement
cheerfuladjectiveopenly happy and optimistic
chestnutnouna glossy brown nut that is typically roasted and eaten
chimneynouna vertical pipe or channel that transports smoke and other gases (or Santa!) from a fireplace out of the home
chocolatenouna (usually sweet) food made from roasted and ground cacao seeds
Christmas Eveproper nounDecember 24th, the day or evening before Christmas
Christmas Dayproper nounDecember 25th
Christmas treenounan evergreen tree decorated with ornaments and lights to celebrate Christmas
Christmastideproper nounthe festival season from Christmas to after New Year’s Day; in England, the period from Christmas Eve to Epiphany
churchnouna building for public worship in Christianity
cidernounjuice pressed from fruit (usually apples) used for drinking
coalnouna black or dark brown rock mainly consisting of carbonized plant material, often burned as fuel
cookiesnounsmall, sweet cakes that are usually flat and round in shape with a crispy or chewy texture
Cometproper nounthe name of Santa’s fifth reindeer
cranberriesnounsmall, red, acidic berries used in cooking

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