Tag: Adoration

Daisy/Poem by MwsR

blooming blur close up daisy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As a child you were amazing in your place.

I did not look far to see your grace.

You had all kinds of detail, all interlaced.

That you seemed to share .

If I went for a walk, you seemed to be there.

Walking in the shadow of your gentleness

I saw my own imperfections.

It was a kind reminder

That untouched, you can continue to grow

Undaunted by things and knowledge, that, you never had to know.

Precious for the time you stay around

Much comfort in you, I found.

You soon become my favorite kind

My heart when looking on you, did shine,

A few times I have made you mine.

Carried you on my earlobe and placed you in a vase.

With you, come so many memories, time can’t erase.

Glad to have you and you can call me crazy,

My adoration for you, Daisy.


Thank you for reading 🙂