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As/poem by MwsR


As I already knew,
That nothing would ever change my shade of blue.
It was a color I was very familiar with.
A common in my life ever since being a Smith.
My goals were simple back in the day
It was to be a singer, up on a stage.
To be applauded for a song
Not knowing it was in my personal life, I needed applause all along.

As I dreamed of being a nurse
I wanted to help others who had it worse.
I never felt that I couldn’t brighten someone’s day
But more often than not I wanted to cheer people up with words that I could say.
See, helping someone made my own problems fade
But unfortunately, it just took my mind off of them, they never really went away.

As life has a way of making things seem so heavy and hard
Our hopes, dreams and aspirations often get marred.
Things that mattered once now fall on hard, stony ground
They cannot rebound, nor any abundance be found.
Sadly, they die and disappear
Nothing can grow there, sometimes for years.

As if that was that,
It comes and leaves from where it is at.
No rhyme nor reason
No hope, no change of the season.
Nothing but despair
That is all that is left, all to often there.

As a leaf falls to the ground,
We will too.
But if we are lucky and a strong a nice wind blows through,
It will carry us and our troubles will be few.

As surely as I write,
One day things will again, be alright.
There is no need to worry over spilt milk
It can easily be cleaned.
If you can withstand the smell it has for a short time.
Then things will get back to normal like they should.

As you read this believe in things, hope for things, dream of things while you can.
Don’t listen to opinions of just the average man.
No one can make a future for you,
You have to believe in yourself, it’s true.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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