It takes a Believer, by MwsR


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It Takes A Believer
Swirling around, somewhere resting

Only to be awaken
Inconsistent messages start the quests

Only the impact remains
Friends that promised forever

In good times and in bad
Calling only whenever

Forgetting as usual
Family that wandered off into the abyss

Just secretly hid is all
It’s not them but their promises you miss

It’s the ones they actually kept
Memories they can anchor or sink us

That’s why there are life perservers
Blood that’s common

Actual connection that’s not
Words are not what we build upon

But actions are
Struggles teach us

Books don’t prepare our hearts
Words followed by, constant fussing

Sinking to the deepest
Chances to take

If only you’re willing
Come each day break

Ourselves to lead into
The first won’t ensure the best beginning

But the end will signal you
At the end or while leading

It takes a believer to start