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Scary Movies from, click link below-

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Many of you are self publishing your own books. I have myself published books. There are many resources you can use when trying to learn how to self publish.

Below I have searched and posted several links for and its vast variety of things that might help you.

I hope you find something of value and I encourage you all to check things out for yourself.

Remember knowledge is POWER.

MwsR ❤



Look for software on Amazon, follow link below

Publishing a book resources on Amazon, follow link below

Need typing paper, follow this link below

Want to know more about copyrights? Look at the link below

Books about how to publish a book, follow this link below

Need to know words that sell something? Follow Link below

Words that Rhyme resources, follow link below

Using Powerful Words, follow link below

How to Publish E-Books, follow link for resources

Self publishers legal handbooks and more, see link below

Need Printer Ink, check out the link below

List of self publishing companies for 2018, check the link below