National Homemade Bread Day(Homeschool)

Today I looked up holidays that are observed around the world. Today was National Homemade Bread Day. I have been homeschooling for months, but we have not yet made any food. I was thinking of letting the kids make a simple homemade bread today. What do you think? It is with fond memories I recollect my own grandmother cooking in her kitchen and also helping her on occasion. This would be a good experience and so yes, I will celebrate National Homemade Bread Day and incorporate that into today’s learning. I can’t wait, after all, my favorite thing is BREAD!


Below I am sharing some links for you to use to make your own bread with your homeschool kids.

Hedgehog rolls,272

Homeschool Halloween Crafting

Homeschool Thoughts

Well, today we are going to a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard. I can’t wait neither can the kids. It is good I think the health field trips every once in a while . We made books about apples and their life cycle yesterday so hopefully the kids will retain some of that.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage ( Homeschool)

We studied the flags, the culture, the cuisine, and the crafts of Mexico. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15-October 15. We were fortunate to pick up some crafts from our local library.


See pictures below~

Mexican music craft
Spanish flower craft

We also learned the Spanish words for red, blue, yellow, white, and green.