Free Educational Apps

While there are plenty of educational websites, there are also many free educational apps, if you want to switch your focus a little bit.

Amy Hunt

Plus, there are so many brilliant educational apps out there that it makes sense to take advantage of them during this complicated time.

Amy Hunt


Homeschool has gone good. It is exhausting but in a good way. So far it has been smooth sailing. I am basically seeing what all the grandkids know and what all they are capable of doing. It is interesting watching their minds work. We have created paper dolls, pictures, and played in our centers. They practice writing their names and learning Bible verses that correspond to the letters of the alphabet. So far this week our verse has been A`~ for Romans 3:23. I have explained what the verse actually means, which is very important for young minds to know. We have sang songs, both religious and non religious, watched learning videos, Sesame Street, and so forth.

Here are some pictures from our first week so far:

It has been fun.I always enjoy my grandkids anyway.

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