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Homeschool Follow-Up

Since my car accident where I broke a lot of things, I have been trying to still do homeschool. It’s been going fine. We have used the kitchen table a lot more though. This month we have worked on hand and eye coordination and skills. We have worked on problem areas too.


Homeschool Monthly Pictures

We’ve stayed busy. Making things and learning new things,as well as reviewing things. There are always different things and sometimes a “hit and miss”, kind of day. Regardless, it is wonderful in so many ways.


How To Budget For Homeschool

About 2.3 million U.S children are now homeschooled. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, the percentage of homeschoolers increased exponentially during the pandemic, jumping from 3.3% in 2017 to 19.5% by May 2021. In addition to prior motivations, including religion, finances, and curriculum flexibilities, now school closures and concerns over health and safety have increased the homeschool population.

Nafeesah Allen 
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