Frozen by MwsR
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it way down deep?
Or has it haunted you in your sleep?

You have become numb and changed
The pieces that were once limber are stiff.
Why is it that we stay on that frozen cliff?

Too many things have been affected
Your goals and your visions have become neglected.
It’s as if your soul has been rejected.

You can no longer see now there is a haze
You try to get back what time tries to erase
When in all actuality you cannot continue the chase.

Waiting for that one rock to knock you and shatter you into many pieces
Hoping that the Sun will warm you and bring you back to living
Where once breath was inside of you now you have nothing that’s giving.

You are frozen.
You are frozen in time.
You are frozen in time because you have grown cold.

No spark has left no flame will burn
Until this curse has risen
You need to realize what it is you have to give and how much more of your life you have to live, just listen.

You don’t have to be frozen
Time doesn’t have to freeze
You can avoid being cold…

The spark is there it will ignite the flame
The curse will rise and you shall remain
You can give and continue to live.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021


Make, by MwsR

In making something, using all you are suppose to and mixing it well
Not sure though, if it is heaven or if it is hell.
Traces left behind that will never be used or dissipate,
That is the way it goes through when something is made.
Sometimes no matter how well we follow the directions or read ahead,
The remnants of life/will still stay in our heads.

With ingredients, we choose everything well and as we should,
But life has a way of changing things around.
It surprisingly can come out like nothing we had thought,
Looking different whether we like it or not.

You can proceed with satisfaction
If you don’t expect a perfect situation.
We can choose to learn by it somehow
Or crumble in the process. Wow.