Distance by MwsR

Tumultuous at best

Disarrayed when you take a glance

Fighting constantly amongst themselves

Looking for someone else to blame

Always the star actor in the game.

Proven history of arguments and schemes

Disregarding others, it would seem.

Like a hunter waiting on it’s prey

Waiting to strike in a number of ways.

Seldom affected by boundaries of others

Forever important and noble are their causes.

Important only when they want to care

Leaving others dangling in the air.

Selfish with a bit of spite

Watch out for yourself, they often will bite.

They are more genuine, more sincere, more than “you” dear.

In their eyes, they do no wrong nor lie

If only they could see them through other’s eyes.

Tricky and conniving

Desperate and very afraid of confessing,

They hide and wait to pounce

Never knowing you really can see

Their fa├žade and their schemes.

Distance is how you should observe

Because that’s all they deserve.

Distance from you.

It’s true.

All rights reserved. 2021 MwsR