MwsR Writings

The world is full of good and bad. We can be good and help fade away the bad.
Only by doing good do we achieve good.
Is it always easy? No, definitely not.
Just the inner peace we get from it, that’s worth more than diamonds.

Poem-We Forget by MwsR

We Forget, by MwsR

In self-inflicted blindness, we forget all the ones that are in pain
Then we turn and look over our shoulders never accepting the blame.
Onward we keep going, forever clueless in our own little bubble
Looks like we should access while we are down in the rumble,
But we don’t and then we deceive ourselves into thinking that all is right,
Even when we toss and turn away into the night.
What is it that makes a person truly at peace?
Is it knowing that others we can deceive if they only believe?
It’s like a game of chance that we are willing to partake of
Not caring who we step on or who we shove.
Selfish we enter this world, selfish we leave it.
It’s not just me thinking this and you better believe it.
Why can’t we stop fooling ourselves,
Stop hurting others because they let us, themselves.
We need to acknowledge that we all play a part in this world together.
God didn’t create us to be alone, especially forever.
To care about others we give parts of ourselves away,
For as long as it takes, maybe a year, maybe for just a day.
Anyone worthy of love is worth the learning
When others come first, in actuality we come alongside them.
No, we can’t be always good or right, but we can bring things up and together, just like a seamstress’s hem.