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Adoption Facts~

One in 3 children adopted from foster care are adopted by parents who are a different race.

Most adopted children from foster care are non-white, while the majority (73%) of the children’s adopted parents is white.[7]

Nearly 40% of children adopted from foster care live in families with three or more adopted and birth children, making their family structures more complex than other adopted children.[7]

Over 30,000 children in the American foster care system “age out” each year.[8]The time it takes a couple to receive a child domestically or internationally depends on many factors, such as how restrictive a family’s adoption plan is (e.g., being open to only one race or gender).[6]

Both domestic and international adoptions have similar total costs, typically ranging from $25,000 to $50,000, but they both have their own unique costs. For example, couples adopting internationally may have to budget for a visa, whereas couples adopting domestically may have to budget for the birth mother’s rent or medical bills.[6]

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