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Rufous-necked Hornbill

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Fascinating Animal

Markhor Goat (Animal)

Markhor Goat – اردو میں پڑھیںDisclaimer: As an encyclopedia, pakpedia.pk’s articles contains shared information which has collected from different sources and people. We welcome everyone for corrections and updates, Thank you.
Article Upload Date: Sun 12 Mar 2017

Markhor (Capra falconeri) is the National Animal of Pakistan. It’s a species of wild goat in genes Capra, subfamily Caprinae, family Bovidae. It’s a high altitude mountain goat, found between 600-3,600 meters in elevation. In Pakistan it’s found in Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza-Nagar Valley, northern and central Pakistan, and Azad Kashmir. It spends summer at higher altitudes than winter. In the winter months it moved down from high altitudes to lower altitudes to avoid extrems cold.
Markhors are active during daylight and twilight. They are lively and quick and can easily climb and jump over rocky landscape. Males are generally found singles while females gather into group of up to 9. The number of mature Markhors is less than 2,50 and is grouped as endangered species by International Union For Conservation of Nature (IUCN).[1] Markhor Photography. blogspot.com

  • Details
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Body Length: 132-186 cm / 4.4-6.2 ft.
  • Name: Markhor
  • In Urdu: مارخور
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Tail Length: 8-20 cm / 3.2-8 in.
  • Shoulder Height: 65-115 cm / 2.1-3.8 ft.
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Bovidae
  • Distinctive Features: Long winter hair and large, spiralled horns
  • Predators: Wolves, Snow Leopard, Lynx
  • Main Prey: Grasses, Leaves, Herbs
  • Average Litter Size: 1
  • Habitat: Sparsely wooded cliff-sides
  • Colour: Grey, Black, White, Brown, Tan
  • Young per Birth: 1 or 2, rarely 3
  • Subfamily: Caprinae
  • Weight: 32kg – 110kg (71lbs – 240lbs)
  • Conservation Status: Endangered
  • Lifestyle: Herd
  • Weaning: At 5-6 months.
  • Life Span: 12-13 years.
  • Genus: Capra
  • Species: C. Falconeri
  • Varieties: Kabul and Suleiman markhor and Kashmir markhor
  • Type: National Animal
  • Category: Wilde Animal living: Dangerous and steep cliffs of the mountains
  • Male markhor: Long twisted horns

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