Bible Verses On Helping Others

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. After all, no one is meant to go through life alone. For Christians, that’s first and foremost where God comes in — He’s always by your side. But after God, comes you. These Bible verses encourage helping others, because if life has given you blessings, it’s important to share those with your community. 


24 Bible Verses About Helping Others — Scripture About Caring for Others in Need (

MwsR Writings

Often times, we may stumble as what to say to another person, who is feeling down. Perhaps, we should just lend a listening ear, instead of all the smothering concerns that lead us to visit un-announced or at the wrong time. Being persistent in asking our sympathetic questions can agitate the person’s situations more than helping them, often times.

Sometimes, people just need to know there is someone out there who is quick to listen to their thoughts, concerns, and needs. Don’t struggle in what to do or say. Just be that ear that they need.

There sometimes can be no concern greater shown than that of a listening ear.