Bible Verses On Helping Others

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. After all, no one is meant to go through life alone. For Christians, that’s first and foremost where God comes in — He’s always by your side. But after God, comes you. These Bible verses encourage helping others, because if life has given you blessings, it’s important to share those with your community. 


24 Bible Verses About Helping Others — Scripture About Caring for Others in Need (

Passed By~ MwsR

Everyday they pass us by

People burdened and heartbroken

Carrying guilt and pride

It affects their very stride.

If guilt were a changing thing

We’d carry it along our necks on a string

It would be the first thing we greet each day

Some people like things that way.

Perhaps one needs to feel something rather than nothing

Instead of feeling free

I wouldn’t like it all to bury me.

Nothing is worse than guilt.

Pride is destructive

It consumes reason and logical happiness

Taking into account nothing of how it makes others feel

It is haughty and foolish in itself.

We pass by someone each and every day

They may be sad or lonely

Maybe they feel defeated and upset

You cannot see that from the outward way.

People tend to hide their faults, their feelings, and their emotions

Some will seek damage like it can fill that void.

Others will exhibit traits of dispeasure

Those we won’t to avoid.

Loneliness can do a number on your thinking

It will break down your ego and leave you to die

Making a mockery of your divine nature

The one that needs others to survive.

Oh! Can a person turn their insides around?

Fill a void, heal a heart, or change their thinking?

Must we pass them by without offering help

This world is for us all, we all have been here.

Don’t help create a void,

Help a heart,

Be the change that changes another’s thinking.

Don’t just pass another by.

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Bridges Aren’t Meant To Be Burned/Poem by MwsR

Sometimes in life we take a journey, whether right or wrong

This is mainly to serve a purpose, one we often time travel alone

No one can always be there to hold onto our hand

Often we look at what we left behind, never at where we stand

Along those journeys of joy and pain, we fail to notice that others do the same

Something usually gets our attention for a moment, for a while perhaps

But forward we some how manage to go, like trees that ooze their sap

It just is the course of things, the natural order if you will

Some people are held back sometimes, and often that makes them ill

No need to fuss or argue as to why you, why you are less fortunate

It may will be to make you stronger, more pungent

I know sometimes you want to cross the “bridge”, if you will

But don’t be so quick to do that, there could just be a bigger “hill”

Bridges are not meant to be crossed quickly, my friend

They are there to help you accomplish something, or see better, the end

They are not meant to be burned, because from time to time

You will want to crass back over, to help and just remind

Remind yourself that life has different highs, different lows,

I am most certain of this, I really do know

Bridges were not mean to be burnt,

There serve to teach or help us, those things we should of learnt.

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