Latin word of the Day~ Expand Your Vocabulary

Word: familia, familiae (n) – family, friends

Sentence: “Cum saepe multa, tum memini domi in hemicyclio sedentem, ut solebat, cum et ego essem una et pauci admodum familiares, in eum sermonem illum incidere qui tum forte multis erat in ore.” (Cicero De Amicitia) I often remember, among many other things, one time he was sitting in a semicircle of chairs at his home, as he used to, when I and a very few of his friends were there, and a man came up in conversation who was then on everyone’s lips.

English Derivative: family (n) – “the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children” – Merriam-Webster

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Latin Word of the Week~ Expand Your Vocabulary


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