Not Eating Enough Fat on Keto?

“So here are some simple hacks to ensure you get enough fat every day:”. Cathy at Konscious Keto

  • Make batches of fat bombs, so you always have them on hand for a quick, fat-filled snack.
  • Scramble your eggs with coconut oil or bacon grease.
  • When roasting a whole chicken, use coconut oil as a rub. You can then make gravy with the fatty drippings.
  • Have some pork rinds dipped in avocado oil mayo or guacamole as a snack.
  • Combine a spoonful of coconut butter with keto chocolate chips when you need a quick pick-me-up.
  • Top your salads or veggies with sesame seeds, hulled hemp seeds, or chia seeds.
  • If you make keto muffins, spread some coconut, seed, or nut butter on them.
  • When roasting veggies, use bacon grease.
  • Drizzle some salt, chili powder, and olive oil on an avocado for a quick snack.
  • Top your salads with bacon, but don’t forget to add the drippings to the bowl.
  • Use bacon grease, duck fat, lard, or tallow to sauté everything.
  • Cathy Konscious Keto