Poem by MwsR

Mother’s Day Blues, by MwsR
(My birth mom)

Like a gem, you were one of a kind
In my heart at least, and in my mind.
I never got to tell you things
Or even show you I could sing.
I wanted to know what was in you heart
I always did from the very start.
You were so significant to me
You were so significant to see.
Yes, in a way I am bitter and sad
But it is the way it is and that does not have to make me glad.
I wonder what your fears were and your dreams
I often think of very trivial things.
You never got to see my heart
But that was always kind of hid, since we were apart.
If you had a favorite food, I would not know
See these are those trivial things I really can’t let go.
See these are those trivial things I really can’t let go.
Those things that you did, the things you knew.
The wishes you had,
Even the little things that made you mad.
I took for granted there would be time
There would be a chance for our hearts, yours and mine.
As I do every Mother’s day and every day
I want to be able to have a chance to say,
I miss you, I really do, not in the way others might had thought of you,
The way a child does when a piece of them is missing
When there is the one thing they grew up wanting and wishing.
The family says I look so much like you
I really think that is what I will always use to help me when I am blue.
I wonder if the days had been longer and the time had not come so soon
Would I had finally got to know and love the real you?

MwsR Writings

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My Dear/Poem by MwsR

photography of baby holding the hand of person
Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

I see your things amongst the others

You are still here in so many ways

Nothing has really been the same

Often times I lay and daydream

You are in those daydreams, happy and smiling

I often wonder where did my time with you go?

Why must we let go and let them make their own path?

I never fully thought about the little time I would have

Forever meant forever, just the way it began

I was in denial for so many reasons in so many ways

I sometimes felt like I hindered you

I guess that is normal, at least in this case

Being a parent is never easy and we will make mistakes

We will want to hold onto our children for our lifetime in one way or another

It is natural and it is okay.

It is when we stop letting them experiment, try new things

Or perhaps when we don’t allow them to take things on their selves

That we smother their chances, their desires, and their wants.

No one ever said it would be easy or without tears

I have loved and cherished all my time with you years.

Always know that better or worse, you still can come here

I will still hold you and comfort you, my child, my dear,

(TO MY kids R>M>J)