Ah, a visit from the past

Has yet again taken my peace

I often throw caution to the wind

But this time, it was like I was pinned.

It did something

Something, I stand so hard against

Yet still it kept me in its circumstance.

After the thought and past refkection

I wept to help clear my soul

But alas, its still firm hold!

Never knew trying was so hard

And that it would flip the switch, the way it did, today

If I’m to heal, how much more must I try to say?

What is left?

Apparently, my heart

I felt it tugging at me, pressing me to be smart

I failed to head its warning to me

Now I am so scared,of the who I came to be.

That is not what is being free.

Burden has become a plate I lack the hunger for

Yet, it piles on more and more.

Wishing to be free,

If thats possible for me.

Thank you for reading 🙂