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By MwsR
You held the power once,

The very thing I needed you could not give me.

The power you had been something nightmares were written about.

It’s like you were possessed,¬† definitely obsessed.
The effort you put into being a bad person should have clued you in…

I was absolutely scared of you back then.
Each weekend went the same

You was out to assert your will.

I was an unwilling participant, but it did not matter.

The hurt, the doubt, you cast my way, it crippled me.

It showed me how in my adult world, not to be.
The effort you put into being a bad person should have clued you in…

I used to be absolutely scared of you back then.
Now it seems life has reinvented itself for me.

I am loved by some and that seems to keep me above the pull of your memories.

I receive the love I dreamed of, to have from you back then.

Stronger, I am.

Hurt, I’ll always have.
The effort it took for me to be a good person, now, should clue you in…

I am not scared of you anymore, but perhaps you are the one who’s scared, now.

Suppress/Poem by me, MwsR

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How my words want to burst from my lips,

Like a bullet that is sent from a firing pistol.

I cannot contain this emergency inside of me

I struggle to find the way to calm down this ravenous  beast

Yet I lose power with every effort it takes to summon the thing

So much inside that it does not care

What the ultimate price is for not being able to restrain

It is like a constant  erosion, that saturates all in its path

Oh! why must I have to squelch the stuff inside?

I am a prisoner to it

I cannot let myself be totally me for it having the power, you see.

I wish it to be silent and put to slumber,

But it will not rest

It does no good anyway

I guess wishing to leave would only suppress me

But still, I think that is what is needed

That is what must somehow be.

Oh dear, here I am, again, only me.