Make It Monday! Tire Chair

To create the Tyrochair, Abiskek and Bhawana designed a robust metal framework to provide maximum seating support. After cleaning and painting the tires, the couple inserted a radial-woven seat, made out nylon (for maximum bounce) and recycled nylon ropes for an eco-friendly, dense weave.

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Tyrochair has led the couple to follow their passion for upcycling discarded products and embark on other ventures. “Punahveen (revival of discarded items) – An Upcycle Café” is their newest initiative in their journey towards making the world a better place to live in. Through Punahveen, the couple has created an exquisite upcycled range of home décor, utility and lifestyle products keeping an emphasis on sound environmental practices. Their design consultancy “Welava Design” aims to offer functional and aesthetically pleasing products leveraging the upcycling process.

+ Welava Design

Designer couple upcycles neglected and worn out tires into colorful Tyrochairs