Recycle This! Craft


A Craft Without The Glue, by MwsR

In the bleakest moments, I am close to you
I feel the weight of this pain start to ensue.
Was I just a craft without any glue?
Am I supposed to fall apart with every single hand
Or am I just supposed to fall wherever I may land?
Is this your masterful plan?
Why is it in the sunlight you can see
All the dimensions that make up the “Me”?
Why not at the moment of thought or creation?
Because I am so much more than people’s imagination.
I exist because of you
I was created to serve a purpose, It’s true.
Without the glue I will not mend myself
Without the help, I will not straighten up when I bend, you see?
I do have good days where I am all together or appear to be
But I am a master at fooling those who choose to believe.
It is easy to take a look and draw your conclusions
Maybe it is a memory or your own drawn allusion.
When approaching. use caution, not to access what is based on your own bias’s
Once you can get familiarized with all the pieces
It should be easy and then your mind it eases.
Feeling like a craft without any glue forever
And wished I had helped to get it together.

All rights reserved. @MwsR2021

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage ( Homeschool)

We studied the flags, the culture, the cuisine, and the crafts of Mexico. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15-October 15. We were fortunate to pick up some crafts from our local library.


See pictures below~

Mexican music craft
Spanish flower craft

We also learned the Spanish words for red, blue, yellow, white, and green.


Autumn Crafts For Kids(Homeschool Share)

Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids to Make

The great part about creating these fall leaf crafts is that they’re all so easy and cute! Who knew putting googly eyes on leaves can cause such happiness?!

Fall Crafting, For Adults And Kids

This creative, fruitful season is a wonderful pretext for getting your crafty side out and beginning the long prolonged projects you were dyeing to try out. And because crafting together with family is always a more fun activity, we have gathered a few simple DIY fall crafts suitable for kids as well. Enjoy!


Recycled Craft

Leftover-Paint Projects | Martha Stewart

Frame Display

Entryway Shelf with Coat Rack DIY

DIY Entryway Shelf and Coat Rack (