Fall by MwsR

Fall for things that benefit you

Express yourself in all you do.

Fall for those who truly care for something

You’ll never have to give up anything.

Fall for the rights of others, when no-one else does

Live in the now not what was.

Fall for silly things, let your heart stay young

Travel, make plans, exercise your lungs.

Fall for doing good deeds

Take ca re of the humble and meek.

Fall into each day,

Actually listen to what people say.

Fall for loving, holding,another

Appreciate them, and also your mother.

Fall when you can and say a prayer or two

There is always God wanting to listen to you.

Fall for mankind and believe in humanity

Clean out your soul, look forward to eternity.

Falling isn’t always a sign of weakness!

All rights reserved, MwsR2021

Fall Crafting, For Adults And Kids

This creative, fruitful season is a wonderful pretext for getting your crafty side out and beginning the long prolonged projects you were dyeing to try out. And because crafting together with family is always a more fun activity, we have gathered a few simple DIY fall crafts suitable for kids as well. Enjoy!



Celebrate Autumn DIY




Five Fall Holidays~ From Around The World

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