Can’t Take Us by MwsR

Overwhelming feelings, piled upon each other

Swept up, making an impact on your life

Who is the one bearing this strife?

Escape routes are blocked, first we must deal with things

Trapped like rats in traps made just to capture them

No one will be leaving, it’s the end.

Things we never deal with can take us

They can replace our normalness and bring such pain

If they end up getting engrained.

With the tides of this life, we can be swept away,

If we give credence to the things others tell us

Just one word, thought, or action can be like puss.

Oozing our infection out from within

Making us ill, making us weak

Taking the things that mattered and making them appear bleak.

We must learn to deal, heal, and appeal what we can

Not so important things are in our minds

Whipping around our thoughts and making us heart blind.

Release hard feelings, hurt emotions, and negative thoughts

We all can, we should

So all of it can’t take us~


If by MwsR

If I’d known it would have soon been your end
My badge of pride I would have made bend.
If my heart knew it would lose a piece of itself
My notes and letters would have left that shelf.
If you ever knew that I cared…I wonder.
If I’d been more vocal ….ah but that was my blunder.
If life could have been kinder to us
Maybe we would have had less fuss.
If you hadn’t let guilt drag you away
My life would have turned out another way.
If people knew the struggle we both shared
The consequences and actions we both dared.
If the rejected soul of mine had found a home
It would have changed my inner need to roam.
If lost and hopeless was how you felt… as I had
And sleepless nights thinking of all the bad.
If anything, we shared that and had the same dreams.
Longing to change the impossible
If only that would have been possible!
If dreams had made wishes come true…
It would never be without you.


Deepest Regrets by MwsR

Some of the deepest wounds

Stem from the deepest regrets

Those that take your breath when you catch yourself remembering

Since there is regret

Suffering is prolonged

These are the kinds of things that burn into your soul, all along.

Soul is desperate in its attempts

Spineless but ever present

Like torturing ourselves, will give us a little more incentive.

Stupid we are

Suppose to let go

Learn from the deepest regrets, learn from all the woe.

After all who will claim them,

Not our family or friends

This is the hardest part to swallow, the need to repent.