Just How It Was
By MwsR

It was hard, trying to be a kid. Much harder than anything else could imagine.

Almost as hard as back in the day, when people drove a horse and a wagon.

All she wanted to do was play. No one even noticed or glanced her way, or so she thought.

The day was always long and dragged on. Her heart became a stone that others walked on.

Neither naive nor stupid, she was in between.
That is because her life was not as it seemed.

Becoming a little lady, she still longed to be a child, young and pretentious.
Nothing to keep her attention, except her imagination and dreams, which made her seem more and suspicious.

Guilty almost just because she breathed.
No one even cared about her enough to believe.

Something wasn’t right with her, something a miss.
Someone in her house was guilty of this.

Alone yet she lived as one of four behind that yellow front door.
So much went on there, so much more.

It was hard, hard to live there.
So hard to smile, so much to bear.

Much more than anyone imagined.
That’s just how it was.