In this dream

You are standing there, looking at me

Smiling as big as the blue Atlantic Sea.

In your hands you have a sweet little kitten

Something we both are so smitten of

We talk about the weather

And our times together

We both share eyes of blue

Both are the even the same hue

I ask you to take me to the ocean

So we can see what all we can see, where the space is open

You pull me close to share a hug

I warmly accept and feel snug

In this dream, you are realer than real

Although that could never happen, that’s the real deal.

You left this earth so long ago

I was left to mourn you so.

It just wasn’t our time in this life,

Perhaps the next one…

I will wait for eternity to see you again,

Instead of in pictures, in the very end.

My heart is always bound,

By the dad I still have not found.

The one who was there when I was born

The one I still mourn.

Thank you for reading 🙂