Survive by MwsR

Today we live

In this day we strive

Strive because the urge is instead

The past lingers still

Still work will bring us fruits of labor

Labor gives us things

Things accumulate forward

Forward we all go

Passages we retain for knowledge

Knowledge is for us all

The future awaits

Awaits for everyone

If even for a mere second

Second we stop to notice

Notice the blessings

Blessings for many

Many people, us, them, and so forth.


The pull is getting stronger

With each day I embark upon

My soul is trying to talk to my heart

But there will be no help found

Sometimes we have to go through grief

We actually have to own it

And in all that, we must maintain

Feelings, having them it’s hard

There is a fine line between heart and mind

Some days the heart takes over

Other days, the mind

Don’t go searching for peace!

Peace is something that slips in

Sometimes it’s because you get a sense that you’ve done everything you can

But other times, it’s where you land

There is a phrase, “whatever tomorrow brings”

Who’s to say what that will be?

Will it be one that will make you free?

Perhaps not!

Maybe you will wake up as you did today

Fighting the battle between your heart and mind

Or maybe you’ll be like some, naive

I have a constant need, to know

Perhaps you do too

Right now, in this minute, in this second, just survive

Say to yourself, “ It is here, now I will deal with it.”

Don’t plan, don’t worry, don’t stress

When the time comes do your best

Sometimes the best is surviving

It is how we handle or deal with things

For now, that’s how I’m doing

Leaving everything to chance.

With my will and a prayer, I will manage.

I might not like it, but I’ll do it.