Poem By MwsR


There are mistakes

Mistakes that linger, like the residue you see after a fire.

Possible misinterpretations are present

Misinterpretations of a person’s actions or words.

Belligerent giving’s are not giving at all

No giving at all without a giving heart.

Silent spaces that often are hidden

Hidden to disguise the truth.

Lies that deceive and insult

Insult those that actually believe in you.

Sickness that takes hold of a person’s heart

The heart that unfortunately will soon break.

Missing a dear partner, or a beloved pet

A beloved tragedy with regret.

Fantasizing not on reality but on falseness

Falseness that can make your present life a bore.

Prideful about things

Things that are not good for you and will destroy you.

Lack of compassion for all creatures and humans

Creatures and humans that are intended to have compassion

Separate agendas that will surely separate you from your intended target

The target that no longer is there.

Storms of life that cause you to crumble

Crumble down and make you forget how to live.

Tragedies are more than events, they are more than happenings,

Tragedies are when you fall short of living life to its fullest

Or when you disregard others,

Tragedy is a whole lot, of a bunch of things, that impact you and others.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021