Make Your Own Guitar Picks!

 Turn Old Credit Cards Into Guitar Picks

stamping old credit cards into guitar picks

Upcycled Craft~ Wine Glass Planters

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters #repurposed #recycle #diywedding

How to Turn Broken Wine Glasses Into Awesome Coconut Planters

What is it with wine glasses? They always seems to break off near the stem when they drop. Which happens quite often in our house. Yup, we like to party. Not the drugs, sex and rock and roll kind of parties, mind you. More like big bonfires, drumming circles and kumbaja till the early hours of the morning. So when our wine glasses break, what do we do? We turn them into fairy garden cloches or make these awesome coconut planters. It’s way more fun than just throwing them away 😀

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters #repurposed #recycle #diywedding

They look stunning as a rustic center piece and can be made in a few hours. So grab those broken glasses and some coconuts and let’s get cracking shall we 😉

How to Turn broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

First things first. Cutting the coconuts and getting all the yumminess out to use later.

How To Cut and Clean A Coconut

We prefer to buy our coconuts fresh, since it works out cheaper and I love the taste of the meat when it hasn’t been desiccated yet. It’s not so coconutty 😀 Did you know that the dried meat inside is called Copra? Me neither, LOL. Anyways to cut and clean the coconut you’ll need a glass (to drain the milk), hacksaw and a knife. Remove all the hair on the outside of the coconut. Don’t throw it away. You can use the hair to make these adorable miniature bird’s nests. Look for three little indents at the bottom of the coconut. One of the indents will feel more squishy than the others.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

Grab a sharp knife and dig that little squishy indent and the meat behind it out.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

Flip the coconut onto the glass and drain the milk. Once it’s empty you can use a hacksaw to cut it in half.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

Scoop the meat out with a knife and save those inside bits for later. You can hop on over to my friend Jas’s delicious cooking site to get some amazing coconut recipes BTW.

Turning the Broken Wine Glasses and Coconuts into Planters

Eye ball the thickness of the wine stem and grab a drill bit that’s a little bit thicker and make a hole in the bottom, center of the coconut half. You’ll only need to drill into one of the halves since the indents should be wide enough for the stem of the wine glass to fit into. Don’t forget to drill a few small drainage holes too 😉

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

Mix up some strong all purpose glueand attach the wine stem to the coconut half. We used Pratley Steel Quickset but any waterproof, non-toxic glue like E6000 should work.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

To hide the glue we just used some of the coconut hair that we removed earlier.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

Once the glue has dried you can start filling the planters.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

We put succulents in ours. The spikey job in the picture above is a Gasteria Flow, I think. They’re often confused with Aloes, but they require less light and make ideal house plants. They get their name from the sac-like shape of their flowers, which are supposed to resemble a stomach, hence the name gasteria, 😀 Ours have never flowered so I’m not 100% sure. Pot the offsets in a small pot, using the same soil as the mother plant and put it a warm, bright spot. Add a little bit of perlite to the mix to help aerate the soil and help retain water. It also makes the soil much lighter.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

The little trailing plant is a Crassula pellucida. One of my all time fav indigenous succulents. She’s super easy to grow. Just cut one of her trails off and stick it in the ground. Each little leaf produces roots and a new plant will form in no time.

Turn those broken wine glasses into awesome coconut planters

So next time someone breaks a wine glass, don’t throw it away. Save the bits and turn them into coconut planters instead.

Make It Monday! Tire Chair

To create the Tyrochair, Abiskek and Bhawana designed a robust metal framework to provide maximum seating support. After cleaning and painting the tires, the couple inserted a radial-woven seat, made out nylon (for maximum bounce) and recycled nylon ropes for an eco-friendly, dense weave.

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Tyrochair has led the couple to follow their passion for upcycling discarded products and embark on other ventures. “Punahveen (revival of discarded items) – An Upcycle Café” is their newest initiative in their journey towards making the world a better place to live in. Through Punahveen, the couple has created an exquisite upcycled range of home décor, utility and lifestyle products keeping an emphasis on sound environmental practices. Their design consultancy “Welava Design” aims to offer functional and aesthetically pleasing products leveraging the upcycling process.

+ Welava Design

Designer couple upcycles neglected and worn out tires into colorful Tyrochairs

Upcycle~Key Rack

upcycled key rack

How to make an upcycled key rack

The first thing you will need to make your new key rack is a piece of wood. This is a great opportunity to repurpose bits and bobs saved from previous projects. Next you’ll need some deadbolt locks and doorknobs. If you don’t have any old ones laying about there is a great chance your local thrift shop or Habitat for Humanity Restore will.

Leave your piece of wood as is or give it a stylish stain. Then lay your locks and doorknobs out and mark where you want them to be. In order for your knobs to sit flush you will need to make a groove in the wood with a router. A router is a woodworking tool used to hollow out a piece of wood.

Once you’ve finished with your router, drill holes for attaching the door knobs and locks. At this stage your upcycled key rack will look like this:

upcycled key rack

Then, simply attach the knobs/locks and you’re done. If you don’t have the original keys from the locks then just get blank keys to add to your key ring. You can now hang up your finished doorknob key rack and give your keys a place of their own.

upcycled key rack

Source: kara paslay designs