August 27 2018

TTC, Three Things Challenge

Three Things today are-statue, priest, violin

brown violin
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Laura thought her Uncle was so very boring and odd. He wore a robe while working. He also wore a strange suit with a white-collar while he was not at work. The many times she visited with him, all she had to do was look at his books, he had lots of books,on lots of bookshelves. He also had small statues on his desk and end tables. She would sit sometimes and study them as if to know the stories behind them. One particular statue was of a man from way back a long time ago. She knew this because he had old clothes, some like she saw once in her Uncle’s books.

She knew her Uncle was a priest but she was not sure just what that meant. She knew he would say prayers over people and carry a necklace thing with a cross on it. She thought that was silly but she never asked him any questions. She had been taught not to. Her parents were real “sticklers” about that. She knew what the old saying, “Children should be seen and not heard”, meant.

Once she found a dusty case, at her Uncle’s place. She dusted it off and opened it up to see what lay inside. It was  a violin. Her curiousity was really getting to her, so she decided to ask her Uncle about it. Although she knew it was wrong and really did not want to disobey, but…

So she went to her Uncle and placed the dusty case with the violin in it down on the end table at her Uncle. He smiled a rather oddly at her and asked her where she found that old thing. She explained it was in one of the rooms and she was very curious about it. He went on to explain that before he became a priest he was a well-known violinist. He told her s few stories of his time being a violinist and she eagerly sat and listened to those stories, each and every one. As her Uncle finished talking he asked her to keep his violin safe for him and told her to keep it for him. She smiled one of the biggest grins she could and said to him, “Alright, I will”.

Later that evening she gave thought to her Uncle, as she looked down at his violin and she smiled. She knew she had misjudged her Uncle after all. He was not boring and strange, he was a man of many talents. He was now, in her mind, the best Uncle ever.

Just goes to show you, not everyone can be judged by their outer appearance.

MwsR <3

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