Weighing On Your Heart

Stumbling for the most accurate words to describe the feelings

Sometimes, even having a hard time believing

Words fail so many times, to describe what lays upon one’s heart

Guess some days are better than the rest, at least if you start.

Sometimes we don’t give our own selves enough credit

We think somehow we are less than adequate, we think we must ourselves, edit.

If we all kept the things weighing on our hearts hidden and stored inside

Our hearts would break from the weight of what weighs on them, it’d be intensified.

We weren’t made to withstand all the junk thrown our way,

Sometimes we must rest, so that we can again play.

Being but a speck in this world and the trials are fewer than that of the world

But inside one’s self , you  start to feel the intensity, that weighs down from things, being hurled.

If you or I fail to express all our mess, in either a way or a word,

Then the cycle continues and collects all the remnants of the past, it remains unsaid

It will be like a natural disaster waiting till it is displayed

That is how suppressed feelings and things become a weighing stress.

Let go of that force that is running your life,

I will try to apply that suggestion to mine.

The things that prey on our hearts will steal our inner joy.

You can’t play around with a heart, it isn’t a toy.

MwsR ❤